Darcie Miner is a singer-songwriter from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Raised in a house of creative visual artists and musicians, she gained a very early knowledge and appreciation of the history of rock and roll while being exposed to a diverse range of genres. Inspired by the rise of female songwriters and musicians in popular music, she played her first gig at the age of 13.

Darcie began recording her songs with The Badlees after meeting them at an open mic they hosted in 1998. In 2000, she released her recording debut. With unwavering determination and dedication, she tirelessly played shows throughout Central Pennsylvania. By her mid-teens she had built a name in the area.

At age 18, she secured a deal with Beyond Music/UMG, propelling her into the life of a touring musician. Traveling the East Coast in an old mini-bus, Darcie and her band had the opportunity to open for bands like Heart and The Go-Go’s, performing in venues packed to the thousands. Like many artists before her, Darcie soon discovered that the elusive record deal can be a mixed blessing. She eventually parted ways with Beyond Music, and the label folded soon after.

Darcie independently released a self-titled EP in the summer of 2002 and toured as support for Edwin McCain. Her song “My Angel” was added by Music Choice. She played shows at colleges and renowned venues like 9:30 Club, CBGB’s and House of Blues. She performed on the competition show “Next Big Star” on the PAX Network. She also performed on CBS’ Star Search in 2003 – just her and her guitar singing The Box Tops’ “The Letter.” She was the first unsigned act to perform live on MTV – a show called “Advance Warning” – where she played a song co-written with Matthew Wilder (Kelly Clarkson, No Doubt).

In 2004, Darcie began recording with producer Steve Ward to create The Fragile EP, which was released in 2005. The EP featured the guitar skills of Joe Pisapia (Guster, k.d. lang). The Fragile EP served as a stepping stone in Darcie’s musical journey and a learning experience in solidifying her presence in the industry. WXPN named her an Artist to Watch, and she performed at their annual festival in 2006. Darcie collaborated with Jimmy Patton in 2007, leading to the release of her album Loneliness Anonymous in late 2009. The record resonated with audiences, earning airplay on WXPN in 2010 with her song “Vulnerability.” Additionally, the track “Rollerskating Song” was added by Mood Media and heard nationwide, further expanding her reach.

Reflecting on her journey, she’s acknowledged the challenges she faced, particularly in navigating the dynamics of music production. She expressed a desire for a more authentic representation of her musical vision, feeling that her ideas were often unheard and her creativity dismissed in most of her recorded music. After dedicating the majority of her life to performing, Darcie decided to take time away in 2019 to focus on personal growth and introspection. “It’s a very long process of healing. Inner-work is such a drag, but so necessary,” she says. Darcie remained disciplined and continued to work on her craft throughout this time. She began exploring a limitless emotional depth, which helped her to find the courage to be honest in her writing.

The path of self-discovery led to an evolution in her home-recorded music. For the first time in her life, she feels a sense of confidence in her creative output. “I have a need to express feeling in the shape of a song. At the same time, it’s a need and a challenge to be brave enough to release that feeling.” Darcie looks forward to connecting with listeners on a deeper level, using her songs as a vessel to inspire and uplift.